Oracle Cards: The New Paradigm of Existence

by Wilhelmina Creations

Working as a Life-coach and Hypnotherapist, I have been working with many clients that were searching for answers because they were either lost, insecure, anxious, in search for their truth or confronted with dilemmas that brought forward their deepest fears.

Often, I guide clients through journeys to connect with deeper levels of self, so insights can be retrieved on what is been sought after. During hypnotherapy sessions, I connect with client's subconscious self to help bring forward positive suggestibility to help either facilitate a balance, reach new insights, or transform outgrown patterns within.

When one is brought in connection with their subconscious self, and is confronted with insights that are seen, felt and experienced; easily direct implementation is facilitated, simply because it is felt in one's heart.

Journeys can be seen as guided meditations.
We all know that meditation is important to help reach an inner-balance, so calmness can be experienced, or stress and anxiety can be neutralized. Yet, not everyone knows how to reach a meditative state that will facilitate a depth required to truly cancel out self-restrictive mind control.

A lot of people are afraid of the unknown, and fear exploring new roads due to embraced conditionings/truths that prevents them to truly be free.

One of my main missions is to help people reach a deeper self-awareness, and for this reason I felt drawn to create The New Paradigm of Existence Oracle deck, so I can reach and help a larger audience that are in need for help in exploring, reaching insights, and answers on questions they may have about themselves and/or their personal path of life.

This Oracle deck is multi-functional! Why multi-functional you may wonder?
Below is some information which you can find in my online store as well:

The New Paradigm of Existence Oracle Cards deck were created by Wilhelmina to help guide you in re-discovering your truth as you are journeying through life into the New Paradigm of Existence. The Oracle Deck is made up out of 25 Journey Cards, 11 Affirmation Cards and 9 Mastery Cards.

We all have our own answers to all the questions that relates to our personal path, but self-restriction prevents us to access this due to inner turmoil, conditionings, doubt, and fear for the unknown, and or known.

What is next?
For you to answer as you delve deeper within Love and Trust for Self, so you can allow your mind to quiet down. The various journeys will guide you to new discoveries within, the only thing you need to do is allow yourself to surrender to your motion of existence.

How to use this multi-functional deck of cards?

Shuffle and intuitively pick the card of the day, or make a selection of multiple cards to reach answers to different questions you may have (more information you will find in the included Guidebook).

The different 25 Journey Cards are associated with various journeys, tasks, and insights, and invite you to go within stillness and journey to where guided to.

The numbers of the cards are corresponding with the separately digital available numbered Guided Journeys, which are not required, but can serve as a powerful addition to this deck. These digital downloadable MP3's are available on Use your one -time usable discount code to get 90% off the total price! Discount code will be provided with purchase of The New Paradigm of Existence Oracle Cards.

Affirmations and Mastery cards are the additional two decks within a deck. You can start and end the day with these self-empowering Affirmation cards to remind yourself of your strength, goals, and abilities. Looking yourself in the eyes, in the mirror, empowers the affirmations.

The Mastery cards can be used separately as well. They are confirming your current tasks, embraced insights and powers and remind you of a job well done, or give you a much-needed reminder!

These three decks within a deck, can be used as one deck as well. Allow your mind to go to zero and connect with your heart through the ease of your breath and intent, and feel what needs to be chosen to answer your question(s) or give you insights in your current events of life.

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