Online weekly classes: Personal Acceleration Program

by Wilhelmina Creations
Powerful Personal Acceleration Program, focusing on clearing the outgrown, understanding the connections with beyond, learning how to receive, implement, and emerge into one’s true self.

The focus during the Personal Acceleration classes will stretch from learning the required fundamentals, to advanced and independent abilities to continue onward on this road called life in a new light. Goal is to alter your own perceptions and abilities beyond your current imagination, yet according to your truth.

Classes will be centered around the following: During these classes, I will be sharing my personal completed lessons, tools, experiences and the given in connection with beyond.

Hands-on practice instructions, journeying, learning how to perceive the given, clearing the required energy/entities/outgrown, implement the given, reaching a deeper level of consciousness, and much more. Followed by entering existence into a higher frequency, in conscious connection with your higher-self.

Classes will be constructed as follows:

Sharing of perceived information and lesson(s) on topic, Q&A, Hands-on practice instructions, Q&A, Journeying, Groundwork for next class.


Logistics: Personal Acceleration Program is a weekly 10 days course with 1 1/2 to 2-hour classes. We will be meeting online through Zoom. A link will be send to you prior to class, upon payment. You can join via computer, cell phone, land line. It is recommended to use a source that enables you to use a webcam/camera so you can be seen and see the host.

Cost per class: $35 per person

Optional payment discounts: $130 for 4 classes, or $300 for 10 classes

Payments made are non-transferable, and non-refundable. 

If you can not make a class; contact Wilhelmina 24 hours ahead of time and your class payment will be assigned to the following class or can be used towards services and/or products of your choosing.

Minimum class requirement: 5 participants. People will receive full refund, if the required minimum is not met.

Day 1

Topics: Introduction, The Wheel towards Self-Awareness

How my personal awakening started.

Self-Love and the importance; how to implement/allow self-love, and why.

Practice: Mirror Practice and Truth Journey.

Day 2

Topics: Energies around and within us, Communication with our guides, and visitors from beyond.

How my communication started and developed.

Practice heart connection.

How to achieve connection with beyond, followed by journey within to our guide or loved parted one.

Day 3

Topic; Emotional Independence, Challenges versus Opportunities

Personal experience, lessons and tips.

Integration process of Emotional Independence; what it means, why it is essential, how to achieve this.

Day 4

Topic: Elevating and balancing of our frequency

Personal experiences, lessons and tips

What it means, why it is important, how to achieve it.

Day 5

Topic: Clearing, Universal Healing Energy

Personal experiences, lessons and tips

Learn how to heal yourself and others, how to energetically cleanse yourself, and your environment from energetic intruders; Tools, and hands-on practice.

Day 6

Topic: Multi-dimensional perceptions; explaining and experiencing depth of existence

Personal experiences, lessons and tips

Learning about the different dimensions, the influences, and connections

Practice: Connection to specific dimensions – depending on the group

Day 7

Topic: The Grid, leylines, vortexes and Gateway Keepers

Personal experiences, lessons and tips

What it is, how to access it, and why.

Practice: Journey through the world’s grid

Day 8

Topic: Home Planet, Understanding one’s mission

Personal experiences, lessons and tips

Practice: Journeying to Home planet

Day 9

Topic: Manifestation, Telepathic connections; how & why

Personal experiences, lessons and tips

Practice: Programming & Telepathic connections

Day 10

Topic: Truth; walking your talk, life's missions, higher-self

Personal experiences, lessons and tips

Journey to your Higher-Self


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