Paint Classes for Adults

by Wilhelmina Creations

Wilhelmina is a self-taught artist. She started her artistic exploration at young age, and will teach you her unconventional skills in a peaceful environment. 

Select/mention the type of painting (see below) you would like to create in the class you are scheduling. ! One type of painting per class, for the entire class!

Send in an image of what you would like to create, and you will receive an email within 3 days, about the possibilities.

Cost varies depending on type of art / canvas used materials; starting at $35

Duration: 2 hours per class

When additional classes are scheduled to finish the painting, cost will be $25 per hour, regardless of canvas size for groups, and $75 per 1 1/2 hour for individuals - canvas not included. 

5-hour packages are offered for individuals (canvas not included); $300

Individual classes and group classes are available (minimum of 4 participants required for groups). Don’t have a group of 4? Register, and you will be contacted when the required minimum is reached.

Prices for paint classes include selected canvas, paint and use of materials required (paint/brushes/easel etc.). Varnishing the finished product is an option, not a requirement; cost is not included in price.

1. Silhouette of nature scenery with/without animal/human included.

2. Detailed animal portrait.

3. Abstract; Learn about Wilhelmina’s experience and insights & create your own.

4. Pour Painting class; Learn about the mediums, do’s and don’ts – no pour painting on location!

5. Dutch Flow painting class; Learn about “Dutch” Flow paintings & create your own.

6. Embellishment on Pour/Flow Painting; bring your finished & dried pour painting.

7. Embellishment on Abstract Painting; bring your finished & dried abstract painting.


Contact Wilhelmina to schedule a class!

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