Mastery Course; Integration with Self

by Wilhelmina Creations

Do you feel there is so much more to life that you can allow yourself to experience?

Have you tried so many things, worked on so many thing, or released what you feel is needed, yet the depth you long for can't be felt just yet?

Are you ready to admit to your true calling?

Join Wilhelmina's Mastery Course; Integration with Self

$500 course, where you meet 5 times in one month with your life-coach Wilhelmina, to rediscover your past, and resolve, understand and re-appreciate parts of self forgotten and/or shun away from.

During this 5 day course - scheduled once a week, you will meet each day for 2 hours with Wilhelmina - in person or on Zoom, to delve deep into the forgotten parts of self.

She will guide you to several hypnotherapy sessions, that will help you rid yourself from self-restricting patterns, that have kept you away from understanding your true self.

During each meeting she will guide you through a Past Life Regressions that will reveal to you the needed to help understand the steps that are required to establish reintegration with your powers.

Besides this you will experience guidance from beyond the veil on many levels, hands-on practices and last but not least you will receive an MP3 with your personal Soul Song, created by Wilhelmina in connection with your higher-self, when ordering the Full Package!

Payment plans are available. Contact Wilhelmina to learn more.

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