Interconnection Gathering

by Wilhelmina Creations

Together with Carolyn Burton, I will facilitate an ongoing Interconnection Gathering, starting Monday April 13th, at 7pm in our Zoom room. Information will be send to you upon registration.

During the Interconnection Gathering, you will receive 30 minutes instructions and guidance followed by 30 minutes hands-on practices.

As we have entered the shift of the ages, it is imminent that old ways no longer work. Learning to adapt to the new aspects of existence is current in our daily life. To help facilitate this we will join together during the interconnection gathering and assist where needed. The main focus point is unraveling inner-conflicts and exploring personal solutions in our daily interactions.

Wilhelmina and Carolyn will facilitate these gatherings in connection with beyond.

During hands-on practices participants will be working in smaller groups, and will be sharing their viewpoints, knowledge, and insights.

We will be meeting  Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday the first week, and as needed for the coming weeks after that.


Cost will be $11 per day.

You can not afford this right now? No problem. It is important to join in when you feel called upon, no matter what. Payment can be made at a later time, whenever that will be possible.

Register on to receive login information for this event.

We have a new platform available where we can meet, interact, get informed and share.


Follow this link:

 And create your account in simple steps.


Looking forward meeting you there.

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