Intensive Personal Acceleration Program

by Wilhelmina Creations

Intensive Personal Acceleration Program
Two day intensive version of the Personal Acceleration Program classes.

Cost: $300

Minimum number of participants: 3
Maximum number of participants: 10


Topics of discussion:

10:00am - 4:30pm

Introduction, how my personal awakening started. The Wheel towards Self-Awareness.
Self-Love and the importance; how to implement/allow self-love, and why.
Practice: Mirror Practice and Truth Journey.

Energies around and within us, Communication with our guides, and visitors from beyond.
How my communication started and developed.
Practice heart connection.
How to achieve connection with beyond, followed by journey within to our guide or loved parted one.

30 minutes lunch break

Independence, Challenges versus Opportunities
Integration process of Emotional Independence; what it means, why it is essential, how to achieve this.

Elevating and balancing of our frequency
What it means, why it is important, how to achieve it.

Clearing, Universal Healing Energy
Learn how to heal yourself and others, how to energetically cleanse yourself, and your environment from energetic intruders; Tools, and hands-on practice.

Day 2

Topics of discussion:


Multi-dimensional perceptions; explaining and experiencing depth of existence
Learning about the different dimensions, the influences, and connections
Practice: Connection to specific dimensions – depending on the group

The Grid, leylines, vortexes and Gateway Keepers
What it is, how to access it, and why.
Practice: Journey through the world’s grid

30 minutes lunch break

Home Planet, Understanding one’s mission
Practice: Journeying to Home planet

Manifestation, Telepathic connections; how & why
Practice: Programming & Telepathic connections

Truth; walking your talk, life's missions, higher-self
Journey to your Higher-Self

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