Guided Meditation Classes

by Wilhelmina Creations

Guided Meditation Classes

During the weekly meditation class, the journey taken is revealed in the moment. Come with an open heart & mind, and be ready to explore the silence within.

A variety of tools will be used depending on the journey; music, silence, vocal sounds, crystals, semi-gems, crystal sound healing bowls and drums to prepare for our journey within. 

Always wanted to meditate, but never able to?

Curious to learn more, and have guidance to get started?

You do meditate, but want to reach a deeper level?

Meditation is an important practice to facilitate inner-peace and a deeper self-awareness.

Through the inner-silence, reached through meditation, self-healing is taking place on many levels.


Wilhelmina facilitates meditation classes to help you achieve that. She is an certified hypnotherapist, and has a natural affinity with embracing stillness and a meditative state of mind and body.


Learn how to reach a deep meditative state guided by Wilhelmina



$25 per class


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