Custom Soul Song

by Wilhelmina Creations

MP3 Custom Soul Song.

Wilhelmina tunes into your energy and brings forward sounds in tune with your Soul, in cooperation with the angelic realm.

Throughout our existence,  we have experienced many lessons,  traumas,  and accumulated insights, powers, knowledge and restrictions.

To fully blossom into our new structure, we have to shed the self-restrictions, we once held so dear, as it kept us safe from harm and pain. We didn't realize that not fully feeling and truly being, merely kept us sedated, ignorant to our truth, as we remain in a stagnant cycle of existence.  We kept experiencing similar situations and interactions that invited us to break through these self-sabotacing restrictions over and over again, but we remained in these vicious cycles,  as the required breakthrough was never fully embraced.  

The time and age we are currently living in is empowering us to see, live and become our truth,  more than ever. The tools that are recognized and embraced help us to truly feel, and become,  in an accelerated way.

The personal Soul Songs have been helping people connect with their past lives, missions and essence, unblocking roadblocks and accelerating connection within and with beyond. 

It represents your essence in its purest form; the state we are aiming to embrace. 

Be prepared for acceleration beyond your wildest dreams!

Duration anywhere between 2 - 3+ minutes. 

Hearing your Soul song helps cultivate your pure structure. It's a road map to the understanding of Self.  

Listen to this during your Meditations, sleep or whenever needed to help establish healing, clearing and a natural balance within.

Do you use plant medicine?

Prior to any plant medicine,  listen to your Soul song for several days - 4 or more -  to prepare your spirit for the cleansing journey.  The exposure aids in reaching an accelerated conscious connection with your soul, which is the holder of your blueprint of existence. 

When ordering inform Wilhelmina about your full name and birth date in comments. 

Inquire about the discount you will receive on your Soul song order when booking a personal session with Wilhelmina.

Soul songs are provided free when you sign up for Wilhelmina's Mastery Course.

Contact Wilhelmina for more information. 




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