Multi-Dimensional Activation

by Wilhelmina Creations
12/14/21 at 6:30pm - Multi-Dimensional Activation, Facilitated by Wilhelmina McKittrick 
Remembering the many layers of existence around and within us. The various dimensions around us, carry different frequencies, inhabitants, knowledge and connections.
As human beings we are consciously in tune with a few, but subconsciously in tune with all. 
During the Multi-Dimensional Activation, I will facilitate an environment to establish the required frequency to re-introduce the different dimensions that are within and around us, to your conscious self. The beings from various dimensions will be guiding us, while introduction, healing and releasing is taking place. 
Remembering all the facets that is you, will accelerate your inner-transformation, and will activate and intensify the multi-dimensional connection. Prepare to receive an integration of downloads that will help you rise to your highest potentials. 
These activations bring new insights and shifts within, each time you experience them.
Bring a pillow, yoga mat/blanket to lay on, and one to cover up with if that is comfortable to you.
There will be additional information shared before the hour activation. Pre-registration $35 on:
$45 per person at the door.  Location: 19317 Newsom Road, Newalla 74857
Until we meet again! 
Within Love, 

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