In The Book of Stones, Robert Simmons writes "Larimar is a stone of tremendous benefit to the throat chakra, providing the power of clear communication and the emotional strength and stability that enable one to speak from the heart. . . .

"It supports a state of confident well-being and awareness of one's capacities."

"Relaxation is one of the benefits of Larimar.  It soothes the emotional body, releasing undesirable attachments and relieving stress.  Wearing the stone, one feels surrounded in an oasis of calm, always aware of the fundamental 'all-rightness' of the world, regardless of transient circumstances.  Larimar can cool hot tempers and guide excess passion into peace."

"In meditation, Larimar can help one see and release oneself from unhealthy inner bonds to other people, or to principles which do not serve one's highest good."

"Placing Larimar stones in one's home or work environment will assure a pleasant and serene atmosphere.  Using the stone on the throat chakra in a pendant or in a laying-on-the-stones treatment, will help to unleash the voice of one's deepest wisdom." 
And, while no one knows for sure about the effects of Larimar, no one can deny its obvious beauty and the impact of a stone this glorious is indisputable.

Larimar bead design Pendant

Larimar bead design Pendant

Wilhelmina Creations

Wilhelmina Creations Pendant: Larimar beads, and copper wire design. 2.75"-1.75" Jewelry


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