Painting Classes

by Wilhelmina Creations

Create your own Masterpiece! Everyone who allows themselves to create from the heart is an artist. No matter how many hours of practice,  or study; true artists are at work when they allow their heart, inner-peace and freedom help get in touch with their inner-artist. Let the creation begin!

Do you have a group of 8-10 participants? Select the type of art work you would like to create in the class you are scheduling. One type of art work per class, for the entire class! 

Cost varies depending on type of art / canvas used materials; starting at $35

Individual classes and group classes available (minimum of 8 participants required for groups).

Prices for paint classes include selected canvas, paint and use of materials required (paint/brushes/easel etc.).

Broaden your horizon, have fun on your artistic journey!


Call/email to schedule a class today!

Classes will be offered monthly for walk-ins. Dates will be listed here.

Classes are facilitated at Art Central in Quail Springs mall in Oklahoma City. If you don’t have a group of 8 participants, put your name on the sign up sheet at Art Central, and I will contact everyone when the minimum number is reached.

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